Our team

The first of ours who sacrifices themselves tasting fried pizzas, antipasto, bruschetta, cold cuts, pasta meat, fish, traditional dishes and a lot of wine are the two funders of Walking Palates: Paolo and Antonio. They’ve enjoyed so much their time together, and met with so many great artisans, chefs, producers, that they’ve decided to share their knowledge in the travel business (Paolo) and in quality, artisanal food making (Antonio) uniting in one place their expertise of their friends and professionals creating, for those who love the foodies’ world, a place where to deepen knowledge, discover new places and friends, and above all delight your palate through experiences of all kinds, all tested in person.

Wir sind die Wandelnden Gaumenfreuden

A team of food, wine and travel professionals who have worked together for decades offering the best food and wine experiences and travel to the most demanding travelers: the Italians. Starting from last year, we’ve started offering our experiences also to those who come to Italy and share the same passions.

Wir sind etwas Besonderes, weil...

- We’ve passions

- We love to have a chat over a great dish of pasta

- We love to relax sipping an excellent wine

- Among us there are also sommeliers, cooks, nutritionists, historians, anthropologists...

- We stay away from huge crowds and tourist traps

Möchten Sie Teil unserer Familie werden?

Wir legen größten Wert auf Qualität in sämtlichen Bereichen unserer Arbeit! Natürlich werden Sie eine unserer Touren nie mit einem leeren Magen verlassen! Wir heißen Sie herzlich willkommen an Bord einer Reise voller Aromen, Geschichten, Menschen und vielem mehr!